A Green Place

Two National Parks in one region

It is said that England is a green and pleasant land, and the Central South is no exception.

It boasts two National Parks – the New Forest and South Downs – and other scenic retreats such as the Test and Meon Valleys.

The Central South is truly where the city meets the country and the coast; you are never far from the middle of the energising bustle, or equally, getting away from it all.

And whilst the region’s towns and cities are economically dynamic, innovation in business is not just restricted to the urban areas. It can also be found in the countryside, ranging from the farming sector to equestrian centres and from country parks to winemaking.

Several organisations work to promote and safeguard the region’s countryside, including Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

And whether working in a sunny field or an air-conditioned office, who wouldn’t like the idea of returning to a chocolate-box thatched cottage at the end of a long and productive day? You certainly cannot do that in London…